White Overtone Wind

by Cole Sullivan

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A culmination of recent adventures. The end of one phrase makes room for new syllables.


released September 12, 2012

Collin Pastore - for the space, time, energy, and vittles. Jacob Blizard - for the extra eyes, ears, mind, and soul.



all rights reserved


Cole Sullivan Richmond, Virginia

I am nothing without all of you.

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Track Name: The Well of the Source
If music is my wife and you are my mistress,
Who am I to define love?

If the movement of my feet only pushes the pedals,
How many miles have I gone?

If my hands were made of stone, I could break down any wall,
But I'd never feel the pulse beat in your neck.

If I see a million faces, but I only love myself,
I don't deserve your respect.

If my voice can hit the notes that ring a warning out to you,
It's your choice to harmonize -
Or play that dissonant chord, over,
That we've heard for a century or so.
Though the melody seems obvious,
We will look back and see the truth in our hind-sight.

Though the cup of the Queen spills the blood of the Mother,
She makes the children clean it up.

The animals they eat no longer walk on their own haunches,
They're just dragged across the grass.

This taste of False Fortune, it still lingers,
Long after my last meal.

For I'm not what I own, but I am what I grow and,
What I make with my two hands.

I want to know all that we can do, and I'll share it with you.
For your hands, they're my hands, too,
And they can do anything we want -
Just envision and believe,
That we can build a place where we will live,
Where we aren't forced to fight for happiness.
Track Name: Red Wood
I came home to aman on my porch,
Riding boots, but with no horse.
He said don't get involved with her,
And then he pulled out his revolver...

And I heard the shot ring out,
Yes, I heard the shot ring out.

That man fell in front of me,
A whole right where his face should be.
In the doorway she did stand,
Never before killed a man.

And she screamed till her lungs gave out.
Yes, she screamed till her lungs gave out

Pack the car with books and blankets,
'Cause that is all we'll need.
Lock the doors and bury the body -
Throw away the key.

We're in love, and we're off...

I took her hand and said come on now,
We'll go where no-one will find out.
Found a house, alone it stood.
Amongst the oldest of Redwoods

And we laughed till our faces hurt,
Always knew that this would work.

Lay in bed for days on end,
Just because we can.
Rain falls down and covers the body,
Of that forgotten man.

What was that sound?
Was that the door?
Go get your gun,
Just to be sure.
Track Name: In-Light-I-Met
If you call my name -
If you call my name from the depths of the fog,
I will hear your voice -
I will hear you voice as it echoes off the wall.

If you need a friend -
If you need a friend, I will be there for you.
I will hold your hand,
And let you know that it's all better now.

If you call my name, darlin' -
If you call my name, I will meet you in your mind,
Where the hearth stays warm.
I will see your face in the mirror that you broke.

If you need a guide -
If you need a guide, I will keep you on your path,
Where the signs do show.
They lead you on where it's all better now...

Oh, it's better now.
And this life, oh, it's better now.
And one day you'll find me waiting.

If you're lonely dear -
If your'e lonely dear, just remember that I'm here,
And there's nothing to fear,
For most of all, know it's all better now...

Oh, it's better now.
And this life, oh, it's better now.
And one day you'll find me waiting.
Track Name: White Wind/The Philistine
Strength of the mind, willing and able.
Clutching the brittle ground, I am the cable,
That holds, that holds, that holds, that holds,
That holds you down.

Invisible force, your regiments thinned.
I have no master, I am the wind,
That moves, that moves, that moves, that moves,
That moves your ship.

My body spreads seeds to the world,
And I never would have thought it would be,
Over all the heads of all I know.

Rapture abounds as I lick my plate clean.
My tongue is a flame that burns blue and green,
As the smoke rises up from,
Your roots.

Celestial star, philistine spirit -
I'll play you a song even though you can't hear it,
For I know exactly,
What you are.

And I know one day we will,
Exist on the same plane.
But for now I'll continue to fly above.
Track Name: The One
Yes, I am your brother,
And I am your son,
And I am your lover,
And I am the only One.

You picked me off the ground,
And got me on my feet,
I hope you understand,
I appreciate your kindness.
It's not too often I can see my hands,
Through all the dirt and blood.

I left home on a saturday,
I thought I'd be gone for a while.
But you could see in my eyes,
I wouldn't get further than a mile.

Yes, I am your brother,
And I am your son,
And I am your lover,
And I am the only One.

Well we were close and I thought I knew,
What I wanted, what I needed out of you.
You took the blind-fold off my eyes,
And you made me realize,
That there's so much more to this life.

I am the one that you see on the street,
I am the one you'll probably never meet.
But I'm part of you, and you're part of me,
And I know it's hard to believe.

Yes, I am your brother,
And I am your son,
And I am your lover,
And I am the only One.

Yes, I am your brother,
And I am your son,
And I am your lover,
And I am the only One.
Track Name: Feral Farm
All the sounds that make up all the words,
That you may have never heard,
In every song I sing -
They have no inherent meaning,
But somehow you all know what I'm saying.

All the words that tumble out my mouth,
And realign inside your mind,
Enthrall you with a vision -
For which everyone is different,
Despite the words from whence it came.

And no matter how unique the vision is,
The story's still the same.

And in my story
I am sitting
In a valley
Where I wrote
This song
And time is passing
At the speed of sound
And though I'm right here
You can see me
And Imagine
What it feels like
To write these words.

If only my fingers,
Could move a little more,
I could flesh out my story for you.