Echo Mill

by Cole Sullivan



released March 26, 1902



all rights reserved


Cole Sullivan Richmond, Virginia

I am nothing without all of you.

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Track Name: Bathe
I told myself
not to be upset
with other people's lives,

For, when I look out,
I can see the pain that lies
behind their smiles.

I'm no longer afraid
of being who I am
and not who I'm told I should be.

Don't we all deserve to bathe in the light of our own path?

Let's burn the veil
dampening our trust
in our own strength.

Transform the world
into a place that reflects

Bring justice to every living being
who's voice cannot be heard
by human ears.

We don't have to earn the right to live on the Earth.
Track Name: Shaking Leaves
I can't see any difference between,
My environment and myself.
I have recombined countless times -
Planted like a seed and born in Spring.

The flowers leap

Toward the Sun
Spread their roots
Shaking leaves
Fill my lungs.

Once upon a cliff I hung,
Desperately clinging to the edge
Of a precipice overlooking
Every expectation I created from my forced perspective.

So I let go

And I flew
Through the sky
To see the big picture
With my own three eyes.
Track Name: Star
There's a star
That shines on you
And beckons

In the night
It's radiance
Is unbroken

From it's beam
Someone's singing
To you

In a tone
Unlike the ones
From your throat

Yet the messages
Speak volumes to
Your soul

Rest assured
That all you've heard
Is true
Track Name: Womb
As I walk
Down the shore
I can see them,
But they're not full anymore.
All these shells.

They retain
They're form
As an echo
Of the ocean's womb from which
They were born.

Endless tongues
Of the tide
Lap the shoreline.
Gently they caress
Each fractal.

Then the waves
Pull them back
To the bottom
Where they return
To their cradle.
Track Name: Fear of Death
As a child,
Fear of death consumed me.
A sharp sense
Of inevitable fate.
A friend of books
Whose pages would entice me
To escape
From the horrors I'd conceive.

I'd stay up all night
And wonder what it's like
To not exist at all.

In my divine ignorance
Built on images and text,
All I knew I'd learned
From Calvin and Hobbes.

Never told
To believe in After-life,
I was sure
We'd all completely disappear.
Feel them stretch,
The hairs on my skin
Rising at the thought
Of pure emptiness.

Like an Agnostic
I would lie awake
And wonder if there's really a Dog.

I have experience
Practicing sacred detachment,
And I believe
Death is a transmutation.

Back into the body of the One,

In which no part is ever forgotten.
Track Name: Digital Cave
Across the street there's a man
With a sign that says,
"I'm still alive,
but friends
my end is nigh."

Though he may scream and shout,
Everyone blocks it all out.
Choose what they hear
Just as he fears.

In their hands the device
Of their own demise.
A portal to
The electric
Feeding tube.

On the curb there's a child,
A young girl left to die.
Treads on her arms and legs,
In plain sight
Beside a refuse pile.

The hordes just seem to pass
Without batting an eyelash.
Trained to consume
And advised
To capitalize.

They say:

"We put our heads down
Low beneath the sand.

We don't ever want to hear
The tortured moans
From all those
Lying in the dirt.

We just want to slink away
Into our digital cave."