Wide Eyes Demo

by Cole Sullivan

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    I'm splitting my old recordings into two little demos, 'Wide Eyes' and 'Wonderment', which have somewhat respective chronology and quality.

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released November 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Cole Sullivan Richmond, Virginia

I am nothing without all of you.

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Track Name: Where My Love Lies
The darkest shade of morning light are traipsing through your window,
And I see you watching me - so calm, so peaceful, and so free.

The tallest trees fall in your mind, and I can see you moved in time to catch,
The wind's gentle touch, oh my love I long for you so much.

And outside the bar where we walked so far,
To a place all alone with no people or cars.
I remember the point of every star.
Oh my love, wish I knew how to find where you are.

The farthest reaches of the world are where I'd go,
To find a pearl to match the shimmer in your eye.
That's where my love for you lies.

The blackest parts of outer space are not too dark,
For me to find your beautiful face,
And those lips that I chase.

In a room with a bath where we touched and we laughed,
To a field by home where our bodies moved fast.
I can't hep but to think of the memories past.
I wish I knew where you were last.

All the feelings that we shared,
When I was brave and you were scared.
You told me of the ones with whom I can't be compared.
All the freckles on your skin, and the softest of hair -
I have always seen love in your stare...
So just please tell me you care.
Track Name: Picture of You
Night feel so heavy, days feel like wind.
I don't think I'm ready to go back in,
But with everything I do,
I see a picture of you.

Blood flows like water,
Bullets fly by my head.
It gets hotter and hotter,
Well, all my friends are dead.
With everyone I shoot,
I see a picture of you.

I hope I can find out the truth,
I know I'm searching for that forbidden fruit.
Amongst the wreckage I dream of you.
Oh I know I'll find my proof.

See a child in mother's arms,
See her blown away.
Struck by a stray bomb,
See her burn to grey.
Skies change from red to blue,
Oh well, I see a picture of you.

Trained hot to battle, trained to kill.
The poor get shipped off like cattle,
While the rich take their pills.
I know I'm looking though,
When I see a picture of you.

I'm searching for that forbidden fruit,
Hoping I can find out the truth.
Amongst the wreckage I dream of you.
I know one day I'll find my proof.
Track Name: Tell Me A Story
Won't you please, won't you please,
Tell me a story.
Won't you please, won't you please,
Tell me a tale.
Like the times before you were frail.

Tell me stories of the men who fought the beasts.
Tell me stories of the customs of the East.
Tell me stories about pigs who would kill.
Tell me stories of those who love the devil.

Won't you please, won't you please,
Help me along.
Won't you please, won't you please,
Sing me a song.
Like the days before it all went wrong.

Sing a song about giants getting married.
Sing a song all about the love of your life.
Sing a song about the burdens you have carried.
Sing me a song all about your beautiful wife.

Won't you please, wont you please,
Make me happy.
Won't you please, won't you please,
Make me a toy.
Cause without you I'm such a lonely boy.

Make a toy that you throw up in the air.
Make a toy that rattles when you shake it.
Make a toy that even better when you break it.
Make a toy with all of your love Papa bear.
Sing me a song to show me that you care.
Tell me a story about how you got there.