I came home to aman on my porch,
Riding boots, but with no horse.
He said don't get involved with her,
And then he pulled out his revolver...

And I heard the shot ring out,
Yes, I heard the shot ring out.

That man fell in front of me,
A whole right where his face should be.
In the doorway she did stand,
Never before killed a man.

And she screamed till her lungs gave out.
Yes, she screamed till her lungs gave out

Pack the car with books and blankets,
'Cause that is all we'll need.
Lock the doors and bury the body -
Throw away the key.

We're in love, and we're off...

I took her hand and said come on now,
We'll go where no-one will find out.
Found a house, alone it stood.
Amongst the oldest of Redwoods

And we laughed till our faces hurt,
Always knew that this would work.

Lay in bed for days on end,
Just because we can.
Rain falls down and covers the body,
Of that forgotten man.

What was that sound?
Was that the door?
Go get your gun,
Just to be sure.


from White Overtone Wind, released September 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Cole Sullivan Richmond, Virginia

I am nothing without all of you.

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