Sea of Sleep EP

by Cole Sullivan

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Simplified three-song EP. Will be re-released with more tracks and instrumentation, so these versions are limited time only.


released January 1, 2011

Thanks to Michael Rosenfeld from Portland for recording me, and to Paris Brewer for all of his help.



all rights reserved


Cole Sullivan Richmond, Virginia

I am nothing without all of you.

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Track Name: Sea of Sleep
Shifting shapes, they pass across my eyes.
Fluttering, the clothe brushes my face.
Mindlessly I surmise that I've awakened from a dream,
and then I began to relay the scene.

But to my surprise, for how hard I tried, no words would emerge from my throat.
So I fell on my knees and saw old magazines that were cut to resemble a fire...
That's burning a hole deep inside the fray,
Of wicker and tendrils of creeping ivy.

Quicker than light, I did realize that none of the chaos was true.
So I peered through the screen and I couldn't believe,
I saw you reaching out to hold onto me.

All that I want is for you to know,
You're everything to me that is real in this world.
There's always a place that won't ever fade,
Where if you're ever lost, that you can reside.
And just like two trees that grow into one,
We will twist up towards the sky.

Just as the night is slain by the flight of the sun,
I find myself rising.
But your head's on my chest, and my hand's in your curls and there's no place that I'd rather be.

I drift into a sea of sleep, I get my feet wet.
Dreams let me hold on to the moments I'd forget.
And I don't really care if it's real or not,
just as long as you are here.
So take your time and listen, as I whisper in your ear.
Track Name: Ode to Awareness
Candles burn, and their heads turn
As we step out of our pew.
Hear the bells, but never the good news.

We're all alone and, as studies show,
We're the smartest of our kind.
So let's kill and steal and lie all about our lives.

Why do we cry, isn't this just what we wanted?
Everything is dead, except for us, of course.
And though we want just to live,
Well you know, it's all perfect.

On T.V. you pretend to sing,
Words they wrote for you.
Are those your clothes, or is that just a costume?

A statue weeps, yes from it's eyes it bleeds.
Show it off so all can see.
Now point your fingers and say, 'You know what that means.'

Why do we try if we'll all just pass away?
Well, my son, there's more to life than that.
And once you find just what you love,
Well, you know, it's all worth it.

And when you find it, then you will learn,
Why snow is cold and why desire burns,
Why pleasure can't be measured out in gold.
You'll find you know so much more than you've been told.
Track Name: Leaves of Grass
Grass is made of mothers, of fathers, and their sons.
Their hair grows in the flowers with all their loaded guns.

Our hearts they fly for miles in the beaks of the birds.
Along with all the smiles of children in the herds.

And the trees, they break like a bone,
From the wind that flies all alone.
And their leaves, they leave behind,
The last words of a man who died last July.

And the animals, all the deer and the wolves,
They look for places to hide.
But unknowingly with them I will be,
sitting in a mouse's insides.

Grass is made of mothers, of fathers, and their sons.
Their hair grows in the flowers with all their loaded guns.